Design Sprint in Nature

Coming up with bright solutions for tough problems can be hard when you and your team are working from the everyday office. Putting yourself in another environment far away from your everyday workplace can do miracles for your creativity. A new environment and fresh air help clear your head, think different and adopt a creative mindset.

Design Sprint in the middle of nature

With this in mind we created a Design sprint week package at our self sustaining eco-lodge in the Catalonian forest. This off-grid location will help you free your mind and focus your creativity on the problem you are trying to solve.

The lodge is located in a small valley the middle of a forest. It is completely isolated. The forest and surroundings offer great opportunities to break out of your sprint sessions and refresh your mind every couple of hours.

The Design Sprint Package

The package includes a full work week accommodation at the lodge. The lodge can cater for up to 6 people and has all the facilities to run a Design Sprint.

Sterre is an experienced event producer who will make sure your week is well organized from start to finish. She will arrange meals and activities to fit your needs and make sure you will have a great stay.

Mark is an experienced design sprint facilitator who will help you to get from Monday to Friday in a well structured design sprint week. All the necessary tools and workplaces will be there for you to use.