I’ve facilitated Design Sprints for companies across a diverse set of industries.

Helping a major player in the scaffolding business to create a shared vision and digital strategy

  • Developed 7 new concepts for improving their customer experience
  • Prototyped 3 concepts for further testing
  • Created alignment and collaboration acros the organisation


Helping a housing corporation to become more customer centric

  • Developed a shared vision and goal across different departments.
  • Mapped the customer journey of the future resulting in 9 new digital service concepts.
  • Created an inspiring presentation and story for main stakeholders and investors.


Working with a start-up to create a new digital service for freelancers

  • Creating a concept and story to inspire and activate investors.
  • Developing a strong value proposition.
  • Improving and re-designing the service based on user insights



Helping a tech-start-up to create a value proposition and brand identity

  • Creating a solid vision and online marketing strategy
  • Compressing months of time into just 3 weeks
  • Saving time and money by validating ideas with real users



Working with a major health insurance company to prototype and test a new insurance product.

  • Helping to develop the value proposition and marketing message
  • Developing a high definition prototype in the shape of a brochure for advanced user testing.


Helping a leading driving school to reinvent they way people get their driving license

  • Developing a innovative approach to driving lessons
  • Successfully prototyping and testing a digital e-learing concept
  • Working with technical teams to build a pilot version of the new service


Helping a major international horse shoe manufacturer to create a digital strategy

  • Developing a digital strategy and 3 main themes for innovation
  • Developing and testing multiple prototypes for digital services and websites
  • Creating a solid support base within the international organization


Working with a international industrial machinery supplier to innovate their customer experience on all fronts.

  • Developing a future vision on the customer journey and experience with stakeholders from multiple devisions.
  • Generating 8 concepts within 4 different themes for future development
  • Creating a clear roadmap for future innovation towards a shared goal.