Design Sprint Facilitator

Create better experiences, faster.

Invite me to join your team for one week, and I’ll help you to compress months of work into days and design experiences that people love.

Design Sprints

I use Design Sprints to drastically speed up the product design process and gather valuable user insights before launch.

Whether you need to solve a complex problem, develop a digital strategy or design or improve a digital product, I can help.

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When to do a Design Sprint

Design or improve a product – You need to design a new digital product and want to make sure your users will love it.

Solve a big problem – You need to solve a big problem that has been stuck in the organization for too long.

Test a new idea – You have a great idea and want to test it with real users to learn if it will survive in the real world.

Get organizational buy-in – You need a killer story, tangible prototype and real user data to convince stakeholders to move forward on your idea.

Create a roadmap – You need a clear vision and roadmap for future development of your idea or product.

Get alignment – You need to get people from different parts of the organization to get aligned and work together on a multidisciplinary project or challenge.

Inspire and activate – Your team is hungry for inspiration and wants to adopt design sprints as a way of working



I’ve facilitated Design Sprints for companies across a diverse set of industries.

Helping a major player in the scaffolding business to create a shared vision and digital strategy

  • Developed 7 new concepts for improving their customer experience
  • Prototyped 3 concepts for further testing
  • Created alignment and collaboration acros the organisation


Helping a housing corporation to become more customer centric

  • Developed a shared vision and goal across different departments.
  • Mapped the customer journey of the future resulting in 9 new digital service concepts.
  • Created an inspiring presentation and story for main stakeholders and investors.


Working with a start-up to create a new digital service for freelancers

  • Creating a concept and story to inspire and activate investors.
  • Developing a strong value proposition.
  • Improving and re-designing the service based on user insights



Helping a tech-start-up to create a value proposition and brand identity

  • Creating a solid vision and online marketing strategy
  • Compressing months of time into just 3 weeks
  • Saving time and money by validating ideas with real users



Working with a major health insurance company to prototype and test a new insurance product.

  • Helping to develop the value proposition and marketing message
  • Developing a high definition prototype in the shape of a brochure for advanced user testing.


Helping a leading driving school to reinvent they way people get their driving license

  • Developing a innovative approach to driving lessons
  • Successfully prototyping and testing a digital e-learing concept
  • Working with technical teams to build a pilot version of the new service


Helping a major international horse shoe manufacturer to create a digital strategy

  • Developing a digital strategy and 3 main themes for innovation
  • Developing and testing multiple prototypes for digital services and websites
  • Creating a solid support base within the international organization


Working with a international industrial machinery supplier to innovate their customer experience on all fronts.

  • Developing a future vision on the customer journey and experience with stakeholders from multiple devisions.
  • Generating 8 concepts within 4 different themes for future development
  • Creating a clear roadmap for future innovation towards a shared goal.


Why Design Sprints work

Look through new eyes

Question existing solutions to today’s problems. Are we even solving the right problem?

Observe and involve customers

Get to understand who your customers are, what they need and how they move through the digital world. Create a culture of human-centered design to develop concepts that your customers love.

Think with your hands

Learn more about the limitations and unthought possibilities of your idea by building a prototype. We’ll put it out in the real world and observe how people use it.  This way, you can quickly discern whether it “works” or how people would actually use it.

Tell stories

Use visual storytelling to make a product or idea more relatable to customers and stakeholders. We’ll create a story of how a product came into being and how a customer will use it over time.



Work in a smart team in an inspiring place

Capitalize on interdisciplinary thinking and create a solid support base for your project: team up with people with different backgrounds and expertises within your organization. You’ll encounter the difficulties in specific areas in an earlier stage and tackle them together with the people who know best. 

Let’s Chat

Hi, my name is Mark. I’m a Dutch guy, living off the grid in the Catalan country side.

I help all sorts of organisations to facilitate google style design sprints. Whether you need to solve a complex problem, develop a digital strategy or design or improve a digital product, I can help.

My experience:

  • I have 10 years of experience in digital product strategy and concept development at Netvlies, a Dutch digital agency.
  • Over the years I have facilitated over 100 creative and strategic workshops.
  • I’ve adopted the design sprint proces as a main way of working and facilitated many design sprints over the last 2 years.
  • I’m fluent in Dutch and English

I am based in Breda (The Netherlands) and Girona (Spain) and I’m ready to travel within Europe.